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How to pick the right sidearm for backup bear protection. Why alaskans are turning to the 10mm for bear protection. Firing a 200grain, flatnosed fmj bullet at 1,200 feet per second, buffalo bores heavy 10mm ammo is one of the few loads currently in production that matches the performance of the original 10mm auto load norma. Surprising for a hollow point, the xtp bullet is among the most popular among target.

I havent shot a bear or an elk yet, but ive seen the brown bears up close in montana and they are huge. A handheld bear killer, the 10mm may be the perfect sidearm when a grizzly. Free delivery on your first eligible order to uk or ireland. Mature bears weigh anywhere from 150 pounds to over based on species and geographical location. Anywho i was figuring id bring my glock 20mm and load it up with buffalo bore 220gr hard cast in case i ran into a bear. Jack oconnor once wrote about watching a hunting companion shoot a coastal alaskan grizzly bear.

The 10mm, loaded hot with hard cast fmj, is fully capable of penetrating the skull of a brown bear. Glock 40 10mm for alaskan bears part 1 with chukes outdoor adventures duration. There are guys in alaska who believe in the 10mm for brown bear defense. Handguns, in general, are poor tools for stopping a bear. When you spot bear tracks, you can tell which bear was there by looking at the front tracks outside toeprints. The importance of reading brown bear, brown bear, what do. Black bears ears stick straight up, they are more prominent than in brown bears. Assured indeed of the bear s demise, jim phoned alaska troopers while montana and the dog inspected the erstwhile invader. But if it has to be a handgun i think a glock 10mm. Discussion in caliber corner started by batesmotel, apr 14, 20. Where i have a tough time accepting this 10mm premis for brown bear defense is that the 10mm doesnt really have that much more penetration than most other duty rounds, but now we. They carry it with them at all times, including to the outhouse. Safari club international classifies all brown bears taken in alaskas game management units 110 and 1418 as alaska brown bears. For more on black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, and how to survive grizzly attacks, click here.

Characteristics of nonsport mortalities to brown and black bears and human injuries from bears in alaska found that of 1,038 bears. These are the biggest grizzly bear kills in the record books. Id go with 10mm if your most dangerous game id black bear, and 460 rowland for brown bear. I carried bear spray and glock 20 with 220 gr hard cast underwoods. I know we get ridiculous bear threads all the time but i have a real question. Bridger shoved the muzzle of the glock against the bears neck, trying to shatter its spine and shut the bear down. Best 10mm ammo for selfdefense and hunting 2018 gun. As a teen i spent summers with my siblings at my dads in alaska, and thered be reports of bear maulings quite often. Another factor that should appeal to both camps, accuracy. When bears attack top sidearms to carry in bear country. Hsm 10mm bear loads the leading glock discussion forum. My first choice if in brown bear country would be a short barreled bolt rifle chambered in 3006 loaded with hot loads of 220 gr nosler partitions as a minimum.

As you press the trigger, you foot flies up into the line of fire as your back goes down to the ground. They live off the grid and have lots of bear trouble with their livestock. The 10mm is rising from the ashes and hunters are driving the resurgence. Until now, i have never had to shoot an unwounded bear. Whats the difference between brown and black bears. With a big beast like a bison or brown bear, you may need to aim. I have been guiding brown bear hunters and fishermen and bear photographers from our homestead within becharof national wildlife refuge in alaska for 33 years and have had numerous close encounters with bears. Fatal bear attacks in north america have occurred in a variety of settings. The 10mm is defiantly powerful cartridge but i dont think i would go out and buy a 10mm. The bear dodged a kick, and grabbed bridgers right inner thigh in its jaws, lifting him like a dog lifting a rabbit. If the outside toe is aligned with the inside toe, its a brown bear.

Even with a heavy magnum load, chances are the bear will still get to you. There are guys in alaska who believe in the 10mm for brown bear. I dont want to hear about my choice of gun caliber. The 10mm auto is a powerful semiautomatic pistol cartridge first developed by american jeff. However, they draw the dividing line in slightly different places. The 12yearold in alaska who just shot the brown with the shotgun is the son of a good friend. For that reason, the best 10mm ammunition to use in a bear defense situation incorporates full metal jacket or hardcast bullets.

The local scouts are going on a 50 mile hike this summer through north utah there are medium sized black bears in the area. I ended up going with the 10mm glock 20 because i simply didnt have confidence in my ability to shoot a charging grizzly bear in the brain with a 5shot magnum revolver. I felt a lot more comfortable with 15 rounds of 10mm. This article also omits the results of a 1999 study on guns vs. The selling point for a 10mm in large bear areas is the reliability of the firearm. Now, keep in mind alaska authorities take a grim view of killing brown bears. List of fatal bear attacks in north america wikipedia. Finally, the three organizations all separate the smaller, inland grizzly bears from the larger coastal alaska brown bears for recordkeeping purposes. He thinks this is more than enough to stop a brown bear. Chuke tests 44 mag and 10mm underwood extreme penetrator on his actual grizzly bear skull to dispel the urban myth that a bears skull will ward off these kind of bullets. I was looking at 220 grain hard cast from buffalo bore and the like. To view and enquire about the childrens trade and general reference books we.

Btw, a brown bear is larger than black bear and considered more dangerous, which again demonstrates the amount of luck, and a steady hand this man had in. Will a 10mm stop a black bear or should i go with a 357. The pistols were issued as a defense against polar bears which the unit encounters. Chuke discusses his upcoming hunt and which pistol would be better for brown bear protection in alaska. In 1967, bill martin jr and eric carle collaborated on their first book together, brown bear, brown bear, what do you see. For grizzlies and brown bears, the 10mm auto generates energy levels that are minimal at best, and most guides stick to highenergy 10mm loads. I also live in a place where bear black, brown grizzly are common and having had to kill several, feel i know what the books dont say. But the 10mm offers more capacity, and the recoil it. They regularly encounter brown bears at close range and always carry a bolt action. A new mexico bear attack finally stopped with a glock 10mm. A number of people have written about how they gave up their revolvers due to cylinders locking up from ice, grit, etc. And if the print is below the inside toe, its a black bear. Btw, a brown bear is larger than black bear and considered more dangerous, which again demonstrates the.

The 180grain hornady round is just the ticket for selfdefense or hunting small to medium game, offering power, penetration and excellent expansion in. Alaskan hiker stops charging brown bear with 10mm handgun. We are particularly active in the north american market where. You trip, but you stay focused on the threat, firing as you go down. Alaska guides carrying 10mm for bear defence sidearm. There have been several in the bears wilderness habitats involving hikers, hunters, and campers. Chuke discusses why alaskans are choosing the 10mm cartridge for bear. One individual who lives in central ak tested his revolvers vs. I know it would definitely be better than a fishing pole but if your trying to protect a client from bears i kinda think you would want something that packs more punch. The 180grain hornady round is just the ticket for selfdefense or hunting small to medium game, offering power, penetration and excellent expansion in either case. Im sure even a brown bear wont like that very much. These pistols hold two or three times the shots of a bigbore revolver, and most. Man shoots a charging brown bear with a 10mm glock 20 in. Brown bear, brown bear is a book that, at its core, seems exceeding simple and, ill admit, it might even seem like its a basic skills book to some.

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