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Discover a huge range of cameras, lenses, accessories and films to experiment with. It is was released in 1982, shoots a 6x7 frame or smaller depending on the film back and there. Faroe islands is most about the great vistas and view, so i thought id start out with some details from many of the old and abandoned boats in the harbours and along the cost line. That doesnt mean, however, that its not a very fine camera. Picked one up with the standard 65mm and wide angle 45mm. Bronica rf645 medium format rangefinder film camera with 654 lens excellent fs. Ive used a bronica rf 645 for some of my travel documentary shots, handheld and without filters. At the time, i promised a followup to my first impression that was then circulating on the internet. The gs1 is the last slr ever made by zenza bronica. Midroll changes are not possible, but film insert magazines can still be used to speed film loading. This may be exactly what you want but if not, then it may be frustrating in the beginning.

The bronica rf645 is a modern rangefinder that was made from 2000 to 2005. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. Jun 27, 2017 the bronica rf645 is manual focus camera with its own lens mount. Kodak portra 400, fujifilm pro 400h, fujifilm velvia 100f, lomography 100 color negative, lomography 400 color. I assume that the leaf shutter mechanism adds a fair bit to lenses and so they end up being a bit big. Its been a mild winter so far, but with the cold weather forcasted to come soon, hmm, i think id rather be on the beach. Read and download zenza bronica cameras rf 645 instruction manual page 22 online. If you think of the time range i just gave you, you can see why. The bronica rf645, with lenses, boasts a medium format rangefinder camera in a portable. For anyone who owns a bronica r645, can you tell me if the external viewfinder f. The medium format rangefinder that everyone forgot about there are some cameras that just rock my world, and the bronica rf645 is one of. The worlds newest photos of bronica and rf645 flickr hive mind.

Bronica made a few zenzonrf lens for it including a 45mm f4 which is. The bronica rf645 is a medium format rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses made by the japanese company bronica. Jan, 2009 the bronica rf645 rangefinder revisited last spring, bronica sent me a big pelican case containing an entire bronica rf645 kit. Ive only owned my rf645 for a couple of months, but i have thoroughly enjoying shooting with it. Jan 27, 2017 bronica rf 645, 65mm f4 zenzanon lens, tmax 400, wildwoods, nj.

Description the new bronica rf645 is a camera that offers accurate, high fidelity image quality. I can just say that i worked on a number of professional shoots in the early 90s where the mamiya 645 pro a more reliable upgrade vs the older mamiyas in my opinion was ran constantly day in day out and it impressed me with its robustness, reliability and ergonomics. As a travel camera the bronica is excellent, and id say that for a general purpose mf camera it is a good balance of compromises, that is, if you like rangefinders. Zenza bronica gs1, pg 1504 there is something special about any camera when you know that it represents the pinnacle of a given manufacturers efforts. It has also been developed as a complete modular system camera, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film backs, etc. Trouvez bronica rf 645 sur leboncoin, ebay, amazon et autres. Bronica rf20 speedlight flash for bronica rf645 at keh camera. The bronica rf645 the orphan rangefinder japan camera hunter. If there are no results please try searching with fewer words. Bronica made a few zenzon rf lens for it including a 45mm f4 which is the most common and was often bundled as kit with the body, a 65mm f4 plus an exceptionally rare 5mm f4.

Apr 09, 2012 the bronica fits the bill if 645 is your thing. Zenza bronica rf645 instruction manual page 22 free pdf. Become part of our fun community, share your fantastic photos with friends and read the latest photography tips, news and features. This is an item which i have been given so i do not know anything about the camera. Focusing is easy and the rangefinder patch is both large and bright. It had the unfortunate luck to be launched just in time for the world to switch to digital so it never really caught on. I can highly recommend it as long as you aware of a couple of things. This camera was available from november 2000 and discontinued in 2005, with tamron continuing support until 2012. We have been in business for over 40 years and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. If purchasing more than one item, please wait for revised invoice before.

In my opinion, the 5w film back is reason enough to get a bronica etrsi. Here is a list of all models of camera where we can supply a printed and bound manual based on your search. Bronica rf645 45mm rangefinder film camera with zenzanon. Nov 15, 2014 bronica rf645 medium format rangefinder.

I was very interested to read the piece on the bronica rf645 in the latest edition of the magazine. Bronica rf645 45mm rangefinder film camera with zenzanon rf45. The rf645, the first allnew bronica since the mediumformat manufacturers. It combines the classic handling of manually operated features with highly sophisticated electronics for an optimum balance of superior image quality, ease of operation and maximum user control. Bronica rf 645 instruction manual, user manual, pdf manual, free. The bronica rf 645 with its extremely precise electronic shutter speed and lens aperture control system makes an ideal manual exposure control camera.

If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full. Flash coverage switchable between the 45mm and 65mm lenses bronica photography accessories at keh camera. Aug 25, 2016 as a travel camera the bronica is excellent, and id say that for a general purpose mf camera it is a good balance of compromises, that is, if you like rangefinders. The new bronica rf645 is a camera that offers accurate, high fidelity image quality. Thank you for your purchase of the bronica rf645 medium format rangefinder camera. That caught me out, perhaps reading the manual was a good idea after all. The bronica rf645 rangefinder camera set with 65mm lens. Shooting 34 exposures 343 exposure control modes the bronica rf 645 provides three exposure control modes. Its size and well thought out design, as well as the quality of the lenses, make the bronica rf645 a camera that definitely shouldnt be forgotten. The vertical viewfinder is a good design, offering clear vision, distinct patch and. Bronica deliberately chose a manual film advance, even though an. Save up to 40% off retail price and get a 180day warranty. Bronica rangefinder rf645 owners manual pdf download. The bronica rf645 is a medium format rangefinder camera with interchangeable.

Unfollow bronica rf645 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Incorporating the best of bronicas knowhow and technological. The bronica rf645 is a medium format rangefinder with interchangeable lenses made by the japanese company bronica. Any of the three exposure control modes mentioned can be selected and set using the shutter speed dial. Bronicas rf645 system consists of a rangefinder camera body, a 65mm f4 normal lens, and a 45mm f4 wideangle lens equivalent to a 28mm perspective on a 35mm camera. As far as i know, there is no other option in a nonfolding rfvf camera, except maybe the excellent and very wide lens like the 45mm gs645wi or the incredibly versatile zooming ga645zi. Once stung, i decided to supplement with a larger format 120 film rf camera and settled on a fuji 670 or 690. If you arent completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. It is sometimes referred to as the camera everyone forgot. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. The bronica rf645 is a medium format rangefinder with interchangeable. Dec 28, 2006 flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Bronica medium format camera home manufacturers bronica medium format camera there are a total of 3 medium format camera manuals within this category. The bronica rf645 is manual focus camera with its own lens mount.

Page 1 the zenza bronica sqa has been designed to take full advantage of the square 6cm x 6cm medium format. The camera was awarded camera press clubs special prize at the camera grand prix 2001, eisa award for. This bronica system has a 100 percent electronic interface between camera and lens. The bronica rf645 can be used as full manual operation camera, and. Dedicated to your bronica 645 rangefinder camera, this flash unit synchronizes with the camera action, enabling automatic, simple operation.

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