Roles of a teachers union in zambia pdf

The assessment focuses on the various roles the actors, or the various stakeholders in the. It is a voice of teachers in tanzania where it seeks, not only to inform teachers on their right, but also covey message to policy and decision makers. In the racial battles of the era, teachers were sometimes made the target of public anger in a way that. Trade union services and benefits in africa edited by. These include the south african democratic teachers union sadtu, the south african teachers union satu and the national professional teachers organization of south africa naptosa. The teacher development community of practice cop explored some themes on the topic, in the context of a presentation by duncan hindle, the former president of the south african democratic teachers union sadtu and director general of the. The participation and influence of teacher unions on education. Some of these roles are performed in the school, some in. For instance, a secondary school teacher who holds a degree qualification in zambia must have gone through four years of university education manchishi, 2015. Over the past few years they have played an increasing role in teacher development and the debates around the professionalisation of teachers. This book should be taken as a guide, not a manual or regulation, for all those that have a stake in.

Well talk about the two largest teachers unions in the country and. Teacher union leaders at the annual congress in livingstone. But, during the 60s, teachers compensation declined significantly relative to that of other occupations requiring a similar level of education. Over the past few years they have played an increasing role in teacher development and. The role of teachers unions in education critics complain teachers unions stand in the way of education reform, and protect underperforming. The role of the head teacher is that of creating a conducive teaching and learning. This therefore makes the role of teacher unions ideal to ensure that. Zanut zambia national union of teachers zcss zambia community school secretariat zecab zambian education capacity building programme zocs zambian open community school. Other teacher unions include the professional educators union peu and the natal african teachers union natu. The union was formed in 1993 for the purpose of advocating for and promoting the rights of teachers in tanzania. International norms on professional freedom, teacher responsibilities.

Four teacher unions have merged to form a new union called the zambia teachers union zatu. In this lesson, well cover some of the basic aspects of a teachers union. The topic was investigated by means of a literature study and an empirical investigation using a qualitative approach. In the, you know, the teacher unions legal, per legal entities that protect teacher rights, as well as advocate for teachers. The role of teacher unions working with your colleagues. A different role for teachers unions education next. The basic education teachers union of zambia betuz represents. Betuz basic education teachers union of zambia bftu botswana federation of trade unions bmwu botswana mine workers union bobeu botswana public employees union. The role of teacher unions in the education sector. The american federation of teachers aft, founded in 1916, had always been a union, but it was much smaller, and not particularly militant. Broadly speaking, the function of teachers is to help students learn by imparting knowledge to them and by setting up a situation in which students can and will learn effectively. Pdf this article reports on a study that was conducted in 10 urban schools, situated. Tanzania teachers union is a trade union of teachers in tanzania mainland. However, these roles are only sustainable if zambian teachers are enabled to.

Union of teachers znut, the secondary school teachers union sestuz, the professional teachers union of zambia prosuz and the basic education teachers union betuz. Trywell kalusopa kwabena nyarko otoo hilma shindondolamote. The role of teacher unions in the education sector bridge. The teacher union is comprised of professionals deeply interested in, and passionate about education. While those who qualify to teach at junior secondary school level must possess at least twoyear teacher s diploma. Sestuz secondary school teacher education union of zambia. Teaching functions and roles of teachers britannica. Teachers, their unions and the education for all campaign. Lethoko 2001 state that teacher unions have an important role to play in the. The latter is supported by the zambia national union of. Teacher unions are a vital stakeholder in education. These unions give the profession the strength, respectability, prestige and protection it deserves. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders ministry of general.

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