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World of warships is wargamings finest vehicle combat game, but its. Warship pictorial 43 alaska class cruisers by steve wiper 20150916. I first noticed a similar installation of windscreens on her because shes an upcomming ship in world of warships and the screenshots clearly show those screens. The baltimore class cruiser was a large class of heavy cruisers in the united states navy commissioned during or shortly after world war ii. This ship is beautiful, its big and it packs some mean guns. This is a combo that will make them favored compared to battleships. Early plans called for eight guns in two triple and one twin turret. Characteristics of all models are realistically reproduced on the basis of technical elements of warships and aircraft from the first half of the 20th century. With the high quality close up photos, this is will be a great addition to the reference library for both naval enthusiasts and scalemodelers alike. Alaska can tank fire from most battleships if angled and at range, but. Best looking ships of wwi and wwii naval discussion.

Trials, however, were disappointing, alaska making only 32. In comparison to the scharnhorst and other ingame ships. A powerful highspeed ship project b65 designed to destroy american heavy cruisers and confront alaska class large cruisers. The us navy considered them to be large cruisers, although the cb designation does suggest that the battlecruiser wasnt far from their mind. New soviet battlecruiser kronstadt world of warships. Not sure if this has been asked before, but how would the uss alaska fare against a kongo class battlecruiser. Fellow tubers, i could really use your help in growing this channel. Louis and 2nd in the us tree in game, which may lead to some confusion. Read a detailed guide to cruisers, the versatile and dangerous workhorses of the fleet. Alaska and guam were meant to deal with tone and mogami class cruisers, arguably. Plus alaska could rival graf spee in t7 like she was historically built for. For world war two, i have to give it to the shimakaze class destroyer, the myoko class cruiser, the takao class cruiser, and the yamato class share this post. I was reading the battle of the philippine sea, a whatif story by nikademus and wondered if the us had an alaska class present instead of. View entire discussion 91 comments more posts from the worldofwarships community.

This is warship pictorial 43 alaska class cruisers. This strategy was altered when the japanese learned the specifications of the united states alaska class large cruisers. In this educational video i cover the alaska class battlecruisers of the united states navy. All trademarks and trademark rights pertaining to warships and aircraft are proprietary to the respective rights holders.

Battle replay courtesy of onlinegamer, wows cc from thailand. The first battlecruisers, the invincible class, were championed by the british first sea lord john fisher and appeared in 1908, two years after the revolutionary battleship hms dreadnought. World of warships is wargamings most expensive, grindheavy metaeconomy yet. And in the guns and comparison section i hope to discuss more of world of warships. The b64s were intended to support the lighter cruisers and destroyers in these nighttime strikes.

Once a gun gets past 9, the ship that carries it isnt going to the cacl tree. As with all other ships, the first slot will be filled with damage control party. Planning for ships that eventually evolved into the alaska class began in the late 1930s after. Is the alaska class closer to a battlecruiser or more of an xxl baltimore. This means that the ship is lightly armored,fast and has big guns. Ok so the alaska class is a large cruiser or if you prefer battlecruiser. Unfortunately, there are currently no items here, but they will be added in the future. Alaska, us cruiser characteristics, but 12 cannons with bb penetration and 20s reload. Were kicking off todays video with some hot news from the public test server on uss wichita and hms vanguard, then well be joining captainsteviex for a.

The uboat war in world war two kriegsmarine, 19391945 and world war one kaiserliche marine, 19141918 and the allied efforts to counter the threat. The alaska class large cruiser is one of the most overlooked, and unique ships of wwii. With the scharnhorst back in the news due to the nda lift, i was wondering if anyone has heard or seen anything from wg about the usn alaska class large cruisers. The american cruiser line splits after omaha into a heavy cruiser branch starting with pensacola and topped by des moines and a light cruiser branch starting with dallas and topped by worcester. The alaska class, historically, was a class of late war heavy cruiser, pocket battleship, or battlecruiser use the terms you like and entered the pacific theater in december of 1944 where the uss alaska joined a fast attack carrier force which included carriers such as the yorktown and. Fourteen baltimores were completed, more than any other class of heavy cruiser, along with three ships of the oregon city class sub class. Alaska can adress kongo and its future replacement threat. Straight from texas us cruiser line split news archive. During the first half of the 20th century, many navies constructed or planned to build battlecruisers. Obviously the cannons should not be as accurate as atago or kutuzov, but still accurate and not gambler tools like certain bbs. Alaska class heavy cruiser world of warships official forum. Alaska has a play style more similar to that of german heavy cruisers such as.

For anyone who is a fan of this graceful looking class of warships, this is another must have book from classic warships publishing. Best looking ships of wwi and wwii sign in to follow. They were all named after territories or insular areas of the united states, signifying their intermediate status between larger battleships and smaller heavy and light cruisers. Cruisers come with a wide array of tools to help them adapt to many situations and can have up to four 4 slots for consumables, the most of any ship class. Download the app and get your free doubloons for world of warships. She was armed with nine 310 mm guns and had good antitorpedo protection. The alaska class cruisers were armed with a new 12in50 gun, and were the only american ships of the second world war to carry that gun. At her core, worcester is a utility ship, for starters, having access to not only surveillance radar and defensive aa fire together, but also hydroacoustic search without removing another consumable. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Line drawing of alaska in 1945 the three ships of the alaska class though classed as large cruisers by the us navy were actually the last battle cruisers designed, built and put into operation by any navy. Game updates world of warships detailed information about recent release notes of wows, free military game.

Good aa and derpy cannons, but squishyness as weakness. Get the latest news and developments here and play for. She was the first of two ships of her class to be completed, followed only by guam. Theres a new ship on the horizon and for once i actually know how to pronounce its name. In any case, helena is a modified brooklyn class cruiser with a powerful main battery of 15 6inch guns and decent aa armament. Alaska class battle cruiser as possible american premium. Where does wg draw the line on abusive language for permanent ban. Heavy cruiser my ass this thing is a full fledged battlecruiser along with stalingrad where dufuq is alaska and ishikari when you need em edit it would probably be smartter to place both ishikari and alaska at t9 to rival kronstadt. Des moines is the very pinnacle of the allgun cruiser, as she has a very powerful antiaircraft suite and main batteries that have unrivaled rate. It is such a beautiful ship that i, and some others that i have seen, would love to see come to fruition in the game as a premium ship. British cruisers are garbage world of warships official. To highlight these ships as a new warship class altogether cb, or large cruiser, the naming convention wouldnt honor cities like us cruisers.

I think in my opinion it makes her more appropriate for the game. Thats why even the more deserving to be called cruiser deutschland class isnt on the game as cruisers. Having access to several consumable choices, rapid fire guns, and a nigh unmatched aa suite, worcester can do most tasks a team or captain needs her to do. S navy originally classified the alaska class as cc before reclassifying them as ca. They were the last of the allgun heavy cruisers, exceeded in size in the american navy only by the 30,000 long tons 30,481 t alaska class cruisers that straddled the line between heavy cruiser.

Modern cruisers are generally the largest ships in a fleet after aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships, and can usually perform several roles the term has been in use for several hundred years, and has had different meanings throughout this period. I spent a fair bit or real money on doubloons to free xp to the tier 7 fiji and bought the belfast well what a waste of money time a. World of warships freetoplay naval warfarethemed massively multiplayer game from wargaming. What they have lacks depth and can be described as vulnerable to 28cm shells which might penetrate the lower part of the tapered armour. The 12 mk8 on the alaska class used a superheavy ap round that was a cousin to the 2700 pound and 2240 pound ap rounds for the 16 inch armed bb. Despite her small displacement, she was equipped with very powerful longrange main guns and had a good speed. Alaska class why was the same question people asked irl. Designed as a counter to the german scharnhorst and gneisenau which in 1939 and 1940 had created havoc. Straight from texas us cruiser line split sign in to follow this. The final cost of virtual goods may vary depending on the selected payment method. The alaska class was a class of six large cruisers ordered before world war ii for the united states navy. Redesign a older caliber with the latest for then technology.

To the usn, however, they were merely large cruisers. This video will hopefully help you decide or leave you even more confused. World of warships official website of the awardwinning freeto. Among other things, in common with many cruisers of the time, they lack an effective underwater protection scheme. Hi, i have never written anything in forums but i felt compelled to inform those who havent played the new british cruisers well its disappointing to say the least. They were officially classed as large cruisers cb, but others have regarded them as battlecruisers. While i generally like the alaska class, there are several disturbing points about the design.

The alaska class was a class of six large cruisers ordered before world war ii for the united. I looked all over the internet to find any source and picture for those windscreens, but most pictures are a very low resolution. Some design solutions were borrowed from yamato class battleships. St, american cruiser alaska, tier ix hit points 60 800. Uss alaska cb 1 was the lead ship of the alaska class of large cruisers which served with the united states navy during the end of world war ii. Alaska class large cruisers allied warships of wwii. Today well focus on the battlecruiser alaska class. The des moines class cruisers were a trio of very large u. The alaska wont be a cruiser in the game, wg doesnt care completely what others call it, they have an internal classification of their own. Each of warships four ship types destroyer, cruiser, carrier, and.

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