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Sybil ludington rode a total of 40 miles twenty miles more than paul reveres ride and warned the approximately 400 militiamen who gathered at the ludington residence to fight the british under her fathers command. According to accounts generally attributed to the ludington. This story not only tells the true compelling story of sybil ludington but also of her father, colonel henry ludington, his family, and other unsung heroes. Sybil ludington, american revolutionary war heroine, remembered for her valiant role in defense against british attack. Sybil ludington april 5, 1761 february 26, 1839 was a heroine of the american. Kids in war library binding january 1, 2018 by katie marsico author, thomas girard illustrator. Girls need to know that girls and women can make a difference in the world. On april 26, 1777, in patterson now ludington, ny, colonel ludington received word that the british were attacking and burning danbury, ct. Ludingtons men set off at daybreak, expecting to go to danbury, but the british had. Her story was first published in 1880 by local historian martha lamb, to whom it was probably told by ludingtons descendants. She wanted someone to read and write about that was not commonly used by the other students.

Sybil ludington, married name sybil ogden, born april 5, 1761, fredericksburg now ludingtonville, new york u. There are far too few books about female real life heroes, let alone young adult heroes. Its a good length, too, for children who are in between readers and chapter books. Sybil ludington was 16 years old when she rode 40 miles on horseback one night in april 1777 to warn her fathers troops about a british attack. This activity guide supports books on exploring historicaltopics for grades 35.

Vince dacquinos new book tells true story of sybil ludington. Abbott are exciting historical fiction stories about real children who lived through extraordinary times in american history. Our heroine, sybil, is strong and courageous, yet full of insecurities about what she is doing, aware that an unaccompanied girl at night is in great peril, even without the fact that many in her community might consider her actions traitorous. See more ideas about sybil ludington, ludington, american revolution. Sybil ludington american revolutionary war heroine. Thats the story of sixteenyearold sybil ludingtons famous midnight ride. In 1777, living in what is now new york, sybil ludington, her colonel father, and her family. Revolutionary war hero the female paul revere sybil. What would you do if your country was counting on you to deliver a. When british troops raid danbury, connecticut, it is up to sybil to. Sybil ludington, the teen patriot who outrode paul revere kids. Her exact words were, the british are burning danbury.

Sybil ludingtons revolutionary war story narrative. In this book, part of a series about kids that were brave through hard times in this country, sybil ludington, the daughter of a colonel in the continental army, figures out by spying that the british are going to burn down danbury, a town in connecticut. Sybil ludingtons revolutionary war story narrative nonfiction. We bought this book for our daughter for a biography report she has to complete for school. His 16yearold daughter eagerly volunteered to spread the word and gather his troops in a dangerous midnight ride. She has enjoyed reading and learning about sybil ludington. Sybil ludington book talk at keeler tavern on april 7 hamlet hub. Ludington was the daughter of henry ludington, a new york militia officer and later an aide to gen. Sybil ludington april 5, 1761 february 26, 1839 was a heroine of the american revolutionary war. Sybil ludington earned a place in american history on a rainy night in 1777 when she rode 40 miles through enemyinfested woods to summon her fathers regiment to halt a british raid on connecticut and new york.

Download our free nook app coloring books for everyone things. Author vincent dacquino will present a talk on his latest book, patriot hero of the hudson valley. The american revolutionary war saw thirteen mere colonies declare themselves independent from one of world historys most powerful empires, the british empire. In this book, part of a series about kids that were brave through hard times in this country, sybil ludington, the daughter of a colonel in the continental army. Sybil ludington american revolutionary war heroine britannica. Purchased for granddaughter after hearing about sybil ludington, i think, on the radio npr, in a story about how women played important roles in the revolution but have been overlooked in our history books. Her book has the earliest known reference to ludingtons ride. Even more revolutionary were the remarkable men that fostered the revolutionary war from aristocratic men and lawyers to silversmiths such as paul revere and selfmade statesmen like benjamin franklin and alexander hamilton.

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